About Me:
I grew up in New Jersey (Exit 127). This has been a point of pride and humility. Lately, more humility. Now I live in New York City. I've been told if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere. I hope that includes outer space.

More About Me:
I've gone swimming in the Hudson River. I have more plants than I should. I know the best pizza in NY is at Paulie Gee's Slice Shop for a slice, Prince St. Pizza for a square, and Lucali for a pie. I have a growing collection of real sports memorabilia from fake athletes and teams. I believe Andy Cohen is a genius. I'm convinced anyone can cook with good enough instructions. My car once broke down in the Holland Tunnel during rush hour and they had to push me out with a giant truck that had couch cushions on the front. I think this whole city could use a good power washing. I used to be an athlete and ran a bunch of half and full marathons, and completed a few triathlons–that's why I swam in the Hudson. A few years ago I got into knitting and when an older lady saw me working on my craft on the subway, she invited me to her knitting circle at the library. I never went, but I wish I had. I'm currently very into sourdough, need some starter? I've been learning to play guitar and while I'm still terrible, I enjoy it. I know I should drink more water and get more sleep. I'm trying.

If you'd like to talk to me about my advertising or really about anything at all, please feel free to reach out.
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