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We were briefed to introduce the Food Showcase Refrigerator to the European, Asian and North African markets. Traditionally the brand would portray families with each member living up to their stereotypical gender roles. We didn't want to do that.
We came up with a story about a dad and his sons making a surprise birthday breakfast for mom, who was up late working the night before. This idea was met with resistance at first, but we  eventually made something different than what Samsung Global was used to–both emotionally and aesthetically. It went on to be a success internally for our clients' team and externally for the brand.

Surprise Birthday Breakfast

10 Years, 1 Fridge

Samsung created Digital Inverter Technology for its appliances, and we were tasked with helping people understand what that means and why it's a good thing. It means 10 years of life, and it's good because you'll get a lot of use out of the expensive thing you're considering buying.
We wanted to take people on a trip, visiting all the foods your fridge could keep fresh for your family in those 10 years. It involved a lot of number crunching by a very not-math person, but legal approved my calculations and here we are.

Stills from the video:

Partner: André Gidoin
CDs: Michael Canning, Kieran Antill
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